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Custom Design Terms & Conditions


Custom Pool Cues is the brainchild of Paul Graver, who has made a business out of his passion for Pool Cue Design. The core of this business is the Online Shop where customers can order cues using Paul’s 200+ pre-created design templates & personalize them with their own added text & cue specifications.

Anything other than this is considered a Special Custom Design (referred to on this page as SCD) & is, therefore, an extension of the business that Paul chooses to offer in the interest of customer service & increasing his design library, as long as it fits in with the descriptions below:

THE SPIRIT OF SCD (Special Custom Design)

By definition, a Special Custom Design is a single & unique personalized design that a customer has commissioned us to create for them, where there isn’t an alternative in the market.

PROTECTION TERMS (i.e Rules & Criteria)

  1. IP PROTECTION  – The spirit of SCD is to create a Personalized Designed Pool Cue for personal use only. We will not create cue designs that can be used for profit or exploitation of others logos/intellectual property. Every SCD design must be deemed as a personalized design therefore making it mandatory to have a personalized name added to any design that may include logos/intellectual property.
    • Where current popular logos are concerned, we may need to offer what we call a “preference design”. This is when we mix multiple personal preferences in one design. This will be explained if the situation arises.
    • In keeping with the intention of creating a personalized product, where potential Intellectual Property is used, we will only create one SCD per customer. We may produce more than one SCD per order if we are confident that the Spirit of SCD is being upheld. An example of this would be one per family member but only if we are 100% confident that this is the case.
    • If all intellectual property is owned by the purchaser, then & only then will we consider making them for Commercial Use
  2. COPYRIGHT – Under no circumstances will we copy the design of an existing product. It will also never be our intention to create a product that can be passed off as an Officially Licensed Product or a product made by anybody other than Custom Pool Cues.
  3. EXISTING PRODUCTS – We will never undertake a design if there is an existing product on the market. For instance: If a licensed product is available elsewhere, somebody has paid for the license to use it we have no rights to create an alternative product. This means that if you can find it in Ebay for instance, it is off limits.
  4. GENERAL POSITIVITY – We will not undertake any design that promotes hatred or negativity towards any person, organization or group/race of people.
  5. PERSONAL PROTECTION – Any photos used must be in good taste (e.g. we will not use images that may have been taken without consent or are pornographic in nature rather than artistic)


  1. DESIGN DEPOSIT – a 50% deposit is required before we undertake any new design.
    • Design Deposit comes off the total price but is non-refundable if the order is abandoned after, we deem that “considerable design work ” has been carried out.
    • A customer, with a valid reason, may request that the deposit is held for a period of no more than 3 months. During that period the deposit will remain valid to continue with the same design or to apply to the sale of another Custom Pool Cue product, however, after the 3 month period expires the deposit will be considered null & void and is non-refundable.
    • The deposit is simply in the interests of fair play as we can spend up to 4 hours on a design.
  2. PROOF – All customers will be sent an email proof that includes all aspects of the order including visual links, product, quote, timing & shipping information
    • It is the customer’s responsibility to check all details on the proof thoroughly & inform us of any corrections required.
    • An affirmative email response from the customer or payment made will be considered an approval by the customer that all aspects of the proof are correct
    • If the customer has not responded to the proof by the time that we need to finalize that week’s order, we reserve the right to either continue with their order as if it were approved or hold the order till the following week.
    • After that approval is given by the customer, we will take all care in providing a fair resolution if a product has been created when the customer missed aspects listed incorrectly on the proof, however we will not be obligated to accept any responsibility.
  3. COPYRIGHT  – If the cue is used by the customer for anything other than personal use or normal pool cue use, we will take no responsibility for any damage, legal liability or costs incurred by the customer’s misuse of the product.

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