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What am I Buying?


The product we create for you is a great quality, honest, straight pool cue with your own personalized design added. We quality check all cues before & after design is applied & have an extremely high satisfaction rate with our customers, supplying quality cues for the social & light competition player.


The cue we use is a 57.5″ two-piece ash cue (52 & 54″ are available on request). The design is applied as a full vinyl wrap to the butt section of the cue before being sealed with a durable clear coat spray.

Cues come with choice of tip sizes from 10mm to 13mm and with weight options 20 – 23oz. For more information on tip & weight sizes click on https://www.custompoolcues.com.au/faq/#quality

You can choose packaging including plain PVC Sleeve , Soft Canvas Case or a Matching Design Hard Case

The design on a matching hard case is applied with high-quality air-free, durable vinyl. Unlike the pool cue, it is not sealed so it should not be mistreated or cleaned with chemicals.


1.) Every cue, whether there is added text or not is “Made To Order”. We are not selling a mass-produced product but are making & finishing a product just for you. Please take this into account if making cue comparisons based on price.

2.) Designs are applied by hand with an overlapped seem & are also sprayed by hand. We aim for perfection however please take into account that this is a handmade product.

3.) The wraps are made of the highest quality material so needs to be ordered in bulk and therefore we place one order batch per week with our specialist printer. This is why each order batch of 10 – 50 cues takes 8 – 15 days to complete. If we made one single cue by itself, it would more than double the cost. So we appreciate your patience!

4.) Cues are checked for straightness & overall quality before any design is applied. The quality check is performed again & documented on every order before dispatch. This straightness check is too ensure that there is no hook in the top shaft & no significant variance >2mm at the joiner. Mild even variances in the tapering of the cue shape and minor variances in the shape of the cue butt, that do not affect the playing quality are not included in the quality check guarantee.



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