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Returns Policy

Our goal is to deliver a great quality, honest playing pool cue with an original personalized design created just for you & all involving either flat or non-existent design costs.
a.) We comply with all Australian Industry Standard Trading Rules in unison with our own additions & conditions.
b.) All decisions that are made regarding Returns are made in the best interests of reason & fairness to all parties involved.
c.) Any return must be reported using our�Returns Request Form
d.) If the return is concerning straightness of the cue, the customer must complete our instructed cue straightness test & report the results.� A video may also be required to satisfy the claim. All of our cues are checked & documented before being sent, so your results will be compared to our own documented quality report. This means that embellishment or false information may actually work against your claim, whereas honesty & disclosure will work for it.
e.) Definitions are listed at the bottom of this page on words highlighted in bold/italic.
a.) Any instant fault with the cue or the design must be reported to us via email or phone within 14 days of receiving their item(s). If the item is then deemed returnable, the customer must supply us with a tracking number for their return shipping within 7 days from that point of contact.
b.) If goods are claimed to have developed a�defect due to a manufacturing fault�within 30 days from the date of purchase, the customer must contact us by email or phone then if deemed returnable, must supply us with the tracking number for the return shipping within 7 days from that point of contact.
c.) If design is claimed to be different to the visual that was approved via email or online, or to the pictures & description provided in an online listing, the customer must contact us via email or phone within 7 days of receiving the item(s) and must supply us with the tracking number for the return shipping within 7 days from that point of contact. However, if no design fault, including spelling errors, were pointed out by the customer after receiving a visual proof, we will consider that the design was approved by the customer & cue may not be eligible for return.
d.) Any returned products must be in the same condition as was received. This includes correct packaging for return as any damage due to return transit will be taken into account. Feel free to supply digital images if you wish us to see any damage before you send it.
e.) You may be asked to supply digital pictures of any damage. Failure to do so when requested may result in refusal of the claim.
f.) If any aspect of a sale has not been paid for by the customer, the�Contract of Sale�is considered �incomplete� & we, therefore, have no obligation to the sale under any aspect of our returns policy.
g.) We reserve the right to make decisions on whether to continue a set warranty period once a claim has already been made on a particular item.
h.) We reserve the right to refuse a second claim once a first claim has been refused.
i.) We reserve the right when making decisions on returns, refunds & compensation to redeem the cost of any discounts and/or extras, gifts or bonuses given, that the customer had requested, with that particular sale.
j.) In every aspect of our return policy, we reserve the right to accept or refuse warranty based on our own logical conclusions.
Covering period – We will cover cue variances as long as they fit the criteria below for a period of 45 days from the day of dispatch. (This accounts for shipping time plus seasonal changes between areas or countries). After 45 days we cannot be in control where & how a cue is used or stored.
Straightness Criteria
The customer must supply both top shaft roll & full length roll supported by video evidence so as we can compare it to our pre-dispatch quality check plus to ascertain whether it is a top shaft variance or joiner variance.
1.) Top Shaft variance – We will cover significant bending of the top shaft (3mm or above OR deemed significant by us)
2.) Joiner variance – if top shaft variance is zero – negligible, a joiner variance is only considered if it is 5mm or more. We will run you through a process to bring this back to zero.
3.) To Report – Click here
  • Embellishment or false information will work against your claim.
  • Refusal to supply video evidence will result in refusal of the claim
  • Refusal to carry out any requested adjustment procedure will result in refusal of claim
If return request is approved as valid, a replacement cue will be the offered compensation in most cases.
Xmas Reporting – All items purchased in November or December are covered under the straightness policy up until the end of January of the New year.
  1. The customer may send the butt section of the cue back to us at their expense then for AUD60 or USD50 we will replace the top shaft & ship it back to them (leaving them with two top shafts for the same cue)
  2. For AUD100 or USD80 (plus shipping), we can make & send them a brand new identical replacement cue
  3. This deal is valid for 12 months after dispatch – After that time, the decision whether to honor the offer will be decided on a case to case basis.


All cues are checked to the highest standard for aesthetics & the results documented before the product is sent, therefore any claim must be supported with digital photos.

a.) Any elements of appearance must:

  • Be consistent with our own quality report
  • Be logical & consistent with our actual making procedures & the product itself.
  • Be other than, what we consider to be natural differences between a one-off hand finished product & a mass manufactured product.
  • Be deemed to be a significant blight on the appearance of the cue or must affect the general playing quality of the cue.

In all cases, unless the playing quality is compromised or aesthetics is affected significantly, the case will never be dealt with as a return, refund or replacement. Any compensation would be most likely to be voucher-based or as a percentage refund deemed by us to be relative compensation.

b.)If part of the design is wrong, any decision will be dealt on a case by case basis & final decision will be based on whether the customer has approved a visual proof.


a.) Custom Made Products or products that have been modified for a specific order are not eligible for exchange or refund because ofa changed mind.


Any structural damage to the shaft, at the ferrule, joiner or at a fault in the cue material will be covered for a period of 30 days & only if damage occurred through�Normal Cue Use�(Please see definitions at the end of this policy).

This does not include tip replacements or repairs that are considered minor. An example of a minor repair would be an 11mm ferule that simply requires to be screwed beck on with some adhesive.

If the customer has reported a possible fault or area of concern within 30 days of receiving a cue, a 60 day warranty will run from the time of reporting, if the concern is considered by us to be a possible fault.

We reserve the right to refuse warranty if logic does not point towards�Normal Cue Use.


a.) Cases are thoroughly checked before being dispatched so any alleged damage had to have occurred in transit. We pack our orders very thoroughly, with a lot of padding so any claim on cases needs to be supported with a digital picture(s) & then will be dealt with on a case by case basis. This could be based on whether the case is easily repaired, or how the damage has happened.

b.) The only claim on damaged cases for international orders that can be offered is a partial refund on the case alone. We pack our orders so well & get so little reported damage that if a case gets a knock going from one side of the world to the other, it is considered an accepted risk & is shared by both parties (buyer & seller)


Refunding Freight Charges

a.) If the product return is due to an item that does not meet our standard, the freight cost will be paid by us.

b.) If the product return is not due to any fault of ours, the freight cost will be met by the buyer.


a.) If goods go missing�In Transit, we will take full responsibility as long as the customer supplied a correct & accessible delivery address. Usually, an investigation is required, so we ask you to be patient as we launch an investigation.

b.) We take no responsibility for goods that go missing after the item is marked as delivered by Postal Service. Personal mailbox security is the customers responsibility.

c.) If goods are damaged�In Transit, we will take full responsibility as long as the damage is reported within 7 days of receiving the goods & can be supported with a digital photo. If more digital photos are requested, they must be supplied or claim will be refused.


When we receive an order it usually contains a combination of different elements (Design, font, images, colours, added text etc). Our goal is to blend these elements in the best possible way, which most of the time we will do as displayed in the Product Item images, however, sometimes we are required to use our own artistic discretion. To do this, we need to communicate with you after the order is placed & in order to deliver on a time promise, the below assumptions are required to be made.

  1. We will send you a�confirmation email�within 24 hours of your order being received saying �Your order has been received & being processed�. This email is not only to inform you that your order has been received but also to let us know that you are receiving our communications. It is the customers responsibility to check Spam/Junk Folders and to inform us if they don�t receive a�confirmation email�or text message within 24 hours of ordering. Otherwise, it will be assumed that the customer has received this message and will be receiving any further communications.
  2. If order details, which in most cases will contain a graphic 3D visual of your order wasn�t included in the initial confirmation email, you will receive a�proof email�within 48 hours of the time you placed your order, that you will be required to approve. If we receive no response to the proof email, it will be assumed that you approved all aspects of the�proof email�sent.

These assumptions will be held applicable to any claim regarding text or image additions to Online Shop orders where we were required to apply our own artistic discretion and didn�t receive appropriate or timely responses to any of our communication emails or text messages.


Accepted Variance Standard � refers to the first 3 points of our 5 point variance check as described in our blog on Understanding Cue Straightness.

Manufacturing Faults � refers to other aspects of the base cue other than acceptable variance levels or straightness. These may include a loose weight in the case, the loose attachment of a ferrule or joiner or a mis-shape in the cue shaft large enough to affect the playing quality of the cue.

Finishing Faults � refers to any application that we have made to the cue like decal application or spray seal. Because our cues are hand finished & not manufactured, any fault here has to be considerable & affect the either the overall look or use of the cue.

Contract of Sale � refers to the completion of the customers obligations in completing the sale & includes full payment & correct & accessible delivery address supplied.

Normal cue use � is defined as the impact on pool balls, through the length of the shaft, from tip to base. No lateral impact damage is covered under the warranty. (i.e. Logically a cue shaft can�t break completely, through normal cue use, without obvious signs of a fault)

In Transit � refers to any period between when we lodged an article at our post office to when the cue was picked by the customer or when it was marked as delivered by delivery service.

To request a return please�click here for our Return Request Form